Barbara is an international artist who lived most of her life in a small village near the Rhine Valley in Germany. The desire to create art began at a young age. Barbara’s parents encouraged her artistic growth with private art lessons and museum visits. She was educated in foreign languages and had a successful career as a foreign language correspondent. Ultimately, Barbara transitioned to a successful full time career in art. Barbara resides in the United States, but continues to travel to Europe to gather inspiration for her work.

Barbara begins each work with the concept of “The power of suggestion is greater than the statement of reality”. She intuitively layers passages of oil impasto using brushes and palette knives. Every applied stroke is then judged for balance of color, temperature, and shapes. A dialogue with the canvas begins to take place as the work progresses and the unexpected is always welcome. This process is never contrived and always leaves room for spontaneity. Barbara considers the painting complete, when the emotional component of the subject matter has been achieved.

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